My 20 reasons why I love airports and what they mean to me

I’ve been in an airport for a total of 18 hours in the last 24. Waiting to get home and see the familiar faces that always brighten me up. Dedicating this to Kal Sobel, my big brother that always supported me and truly gave meaning and relevance to my Engineering degree. CaseSensitive is NOT dead!

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Here are my 20 thoughts of why I love airports. Enjoy!

1. Flat Escalators “Look Mom I’m hovering

2. Neck Pillows…Neck Pillows everywhere

3. The different people you experience. Different cultures, religions, ages, interests. They are all congregated in a single place at a single point in time… and you get to be there […more later]

4. The girl sitting 20-25m away from you, simply in glasses, hair tied back, and maybe in sweatpants. You’re certain she looks even more stunning on a night out. However, looking at her right there, right now…she looks just like wifey material.

5. Children gazing out the windows, both their palms flat against the glass. “DerPuhlane”… “Trains with wings”. We once were like that, maybe you were too young to remember. You wish for a short moment you could be young and innocent again. It just shows, that airports bring out the Inner Kid in us.

6. Stewardess uniforms. The crew from Singapore Airlines and Air Emirates are in a tie for first place. They are gorgeous.

7. Off #6: Ladies: “I want to be a Stewardess”. Gents: “I want to be a Stewardess”

8. The kind of travelers that argue with airline staff. You avoid them when your flight is on time. You become one of them when your flight is delayed

9. Different languages and accents, it makes you wonder how Rosetta Stone can even keep up.

10. Pilots are the last few professions in this day and age that dress to impress. Would you let a man in a plain shirt and a pair of jeans pilot your aircraft? Roll out the red carpet for these wizards… They make flying the safest way to travel

11. Lone travellers on the phone with their loved ones. There are two types. 

The First are the “I’m having a blast… How are things back home?” type. The Second are the “I miss you… wish you were here… can’t wait to see you” type. 

The latter is painful to watch, yet heartwarming. It’s just a powerful sight.

12. Duty free stores. To indulge or NOT to indulge

13. The sight of loved ones having to say goodbye. It’s just easier for you to turn away. You wish then and there, that fate will be kind to these people and that she will have them reunited soon.

14. [Off #13] When you see loved ones reunited at the end of your trip. You forget all the pain points you have listed in your moleskin of life, you forget when and where you are, and you feel triumphant for those complete strangers. Fate…IS kind

15. The different passports that you come across… the feeling of discovery when you find one you haven’t seen before

16. The perception that Airports are not your starting pointnor your destination, it’s a place that transcends city names and national boundaries. It’s an area open for you to think openly, take absolutely no prisoners. Ask yourself all the questions you were afraid to ask. Did I make the right decisionWhat did I accomplish? What do you want in life? And most importantly “How is [he/she] doing? It is a space unbounded by limits and where daydreaming and soul searching is encouraged.

17. [Off #16], Once you arrive at your destination, put action to your questions. Didn’t make the right decision? …Change itDid you accomplish that thing you wanted to do…RejoiceDo you know what you want in life?  …Go get it

18. [Off #16 again]. To that one special person you were thinking about in the airport. You were in a place with total strangers constantly moving and leaving…and all you can do is think of THAT single person

When you arrive at the end of your trip, do your best to see that person first. If not, try and make sure it’s that person’s voice you hear first. Because it’s when you experience real human connection with someone you care about, especially right after a long trip… I think that is when you truly arrived.

19. Everyone has a story, even YOU! In airports these stories are usually of tragedy (running from your past),triumph (going home), adventure (discovering new avenues), and transformation (wanting a change in life). 

Each of these stories boast a word count that stretch the heavens. In an airport, you are in the vicinity of all these people… all these stories. It is in that particular moment that their stories intertwine with yours, and yours with theirs

This manifests into an interconnected web that forms the greatest story ever told and TO BE told…Humanity. Airports are a catalyst to that… and I think it is just Magical.

20. I just look forward to the day when I run into you at the airport… Until then.

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